Once your existing roofing is removed, your roofer will inspect the condition of the existing sheathing. The two main types of sheathing are plywoond and 1x planks. Any damaged areas will be to be replaced prior to the installation of your new roofing material. The sheathing along eaves and roof penetrations are the most common areas of damage. These unforseen conditions may add additional costs to your project. Your Herndon roofer should be able to provide an approximate cost for this prior to your roof installation. Be sure to ask your Herndon roofer about sheathing damage and costs prior to your start date. No roofer wants to have charges or delays once the roofing project begins. 

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Pipe collars can be overlooked by most roofers in Herndon. The standard pipe collars at your local Herndon hardware store will generally only last 7-10 years before leaking or dry rotting. The Ultimate Lifetime Pipe Collars are designed to last 50 years which is the same timeframe as your new roofing warranty. Roof penetrations such as these are often the cause of most leaks, so it is important to use a quality roofing collar. Ask your Herndon roofer about Lifetime Pipe Collars. 

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Standing seam metal roofing by Englert is a popular roofing option in Herndon, VA. It is often used as a roofing accent on front porches, additions, and bay windows. This system can aslo be installed on the entire house. It's important to hire a roofer with experience installing standing seam metal when selecting this option. It is completely different than most roofing products in Herndon, VA. Metal roofing panels are typically installed 17'o.c. or 21"o.c. Our roofers generally install the A 1301 metal roofing system. The roofing colors are shown at the link above as well. We offer both 24 and 26 guage options with the Englert metal roofing system. Snowguards are an important option with standing seam metal to keep snow on the roof and homeowners safe. 

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Roofing Contractor Services - Designer Roofing Shingles
Roofing Contractor Services - Designer Roofing Shingles

We've got you covered!  Our 20 Year Craftsmanship Warranty will protect your roofing investment for years to come. 

The Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. 20 Year Warranty is applied to every Herndon roofing installation. All customers deserve the peace of mind  & protection that comes with a great warranty.  Click Here to submit a claim. 

We take pride being selected as your roofing contractor and will always honor warranty claims. 


Choosing the right shingle is only part of the equation when installing a new roof in Herndon,VA. The system your roofer installs is extremely important. That’s why we only install roofs with the GAF Lifetime Roofing System. Along with your Lifetime roofing shingle, we'll install at least 3 qualifying GAF accessories. This will ensure your roof is covered by the GAF 50 year labor & material roofing warranty. This warranty is only in effect when the roof is installed by a Certified Roofing Contractor with proper ventilation. To learn more about GAF's Lifetime Roofing System  Click Here. 

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Most roofing projects in Herndon can be completed in 1-2 business days. This should always be discussed with your roofer prior to moving forward with your roofing project. Your roofer should also check the weather prior to removing your existing roof. Larger homes may take 2-3 days. If plywood damage is found it will need to be replaced before the new roofing can be installed. This can also cause some delays if there is significant damage. Overall, roofing is one of the fastest home improvement projects in Herndon, VA.  

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"These guys are the best!! Finished on time and on budget. Very responsive to emails and questions. It was so great to not be worried about how things were going. Look no further if you need siding, roof, or gutters!"

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Hiring any contractor can be difficult. Especially when it comes to hiring roofers in Herndon, VA. Always make sure you're hiring a roofer that is licensed and insured. The roofing contractors relationship with the manufacturer is very important if you want to make sure your warranty is intact. A roofer certified by the manufacturer will generally ensure your roofing warranty is active. There are many other things to consider when hiring a roofer. Every homeowner must decide what else is important to them when hiring a roofing contractor. Communication, pricing transparency, clean up, and integrity should also be considered. Online reviews are a great starting point when condsidering a roofer in Herndon, VA. It is also recommended to contact several references. Any reputable contractor should be able to provide a long list of references for you to contact. To most people, their home is their biggest investment. You should feel confident that the roofer you select will act in a professional manner and provide your Herndon, VA home with a quality roofing installation. 

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Your GAF Lifetime Roofing System comes with a Limited Lifetime Roofing Warranty against product failure. As GAF Certified Roofer in Herndon, we'll submit your warranty directly to GAF's Roofing Warranty System. The roofing warranty covers product failure and includes material and labor. It is non-prorated, which covers future cost increases. Proper ventilation is required for the warranty to be active. Many Herndon, VA roofers overlook ventilation requirements which can cause roofing warranties to be voided. Be sure your roofer explains what is needed for your roofing warranty to be intact. 

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Repair or Replace?

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This is a common question among Herndon homeowners. There are many signs that a roof is in need of replacement. There isn't an exact timeframe as to when you must get the roof installed. Most importantly, the roof need to be replaced before it starts causing interior water damage. Signs Herndon roofers look for when inpecting a roof are:

  • Age of existing roof
  • Missing Granules on roofing shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracking
  • Warping
  • Damaged Flashing
  • Soft Spots 

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Financing provided by Enerbank USA. 


Our company specializes in GAF Roofing Products. This is the main roofing product line we offer. This level of focus has allowed us to become one of the leading GAF roofing installers in Herndon, VA. We are proud to be part of the GAF Roofing Contractor Program. Proper installation is the most important part of any roofing project. We strive to exceed expectations on every roofing installation! Selecting the right Herndon roofing product is just as important as the roofer installing it. 

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FeltBuster Roofing Underlayment is a synthetic underlayment that performs better and is more durable than traditional roofing felt underlayments. The climate in Herndon, VA has extreme heat and severe cold weather depending on the time of year. Those extremes can cause traditional roofing felt to become brittle and damaged over time. Most synthetic roofing underlayments come with a high price tag, but FeltBuster is an affordable option to get the performance of a synthetic roof underlayment without exceeding your roofing budget. Many Herndon roofers use standard felt paper. Be sure to discuss which underlayments are being installed with your roofer. Often the lowest roofing estimates from roofers don't include quality underlayments. 

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Roofing Contractor Services - Royal Sovereign Roofing Shingles


GAF roofing requires 9 square inches per linear foot of net free ventilation on eaves and 18 square inches of net free ventilation on ridge locations. Snow Country Exhaust Vent is a common product roofers use in Herndon to achieve this requirement. Many homes in Herndon have soffit vents that provide the correct intake needed. For homes that don't have adequate intake, GAF Cobra IntakePro can be installed in the roofing system. It's important that your ventilation is corrected by your roofer to ensure your roofing warranty is intact. Always ask your roofer how they plan to achieve this. 


Not all Herndon homeowners want asphalt or standing seam meatal roofing. Many prefer the look of cedar or slate roofing. Real Cedar and slate roofing aren't commonly used now that high quality syntheic products from EcoStar are available. Not all roofers are experienced with these roofing products, so be sure to ask your roofer if they are comfortable with synthetic roofing products. We recommend the Majestic Niagra Slate andMajestic Niagra Shake product lines from EcoStar. Click the links above to learn more about syntehic roofing in Herndon, VA. Some HOA's actually require these roofing products.

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Roofing is often an unexpected expense. Not all homeowners have time to plan and budget for the cost of roof replacement. Financing can be a great way to make your roofing project more affordable. Not all roofers offer financing. Be sure to ask your roofer what options they have available. At Custom Concepts Construction, Inc., we offer Enerbank financing options to all Herndon, VA homeowners. We also accept Visa & Mastercard credit card payments. The approval process through Enerbank is a simple phone call. For large projects they may ask for some additional documentation. 

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All Herndon roofers have different pricing models. The best way to determine the cost for your roof is to request a free online estimate. Roofing is usually priced in 100sf incriments referred to as "squares." The cost per square can vary from different roofers and roof styles. Steep slope roofs will have an additioanl cost. On average the cost per square of an architectural shingle will vary from $600-$900 per square. This would include removal, hauling, underlayments, Timberline shingles, ridge vent, and drip edge. Existing plywood damage would be an additional cost. Townhouses are usually 10-14 squares. Single family homes in Herndon, VA range from 15-50 squares. Don't forget to request your free online estiimate sent to your inbox!


Roofing repairs may be an option for your Herndon roof. If your roofing is less than 10 years old and has missing shingles or a roof leak, repairing it may be your best decision. Things to consider.... Roofing shingles fade over time so cosmetically any new shingles will have a slightly different apperance. If your roof is over 10 years old, the long term costs will be higher after you invest in repairs and then need a replacement in the future. Your roofer should discuss your options before you decide on a roof replacement. Roof repairs generally range from $1,000-$3,000. This could go toward the cost of a new roof with a 50 year warranty. If you plan to stay in your home long term roof replacement is generally the best long term option to protect your home and save money. Be sure to weigh both options before hiring a Herndon roofer. 

Storm Damage?

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Many Herndon homes have low slope roofing areas that require flat roofing materials. MuleHide TPO Self Adhered roofing membrane is the perfect solution for these circumstances. Whether it's a front porch or the entire house MuleHide TPO will protect your property. Your Herndon roofer must remove all existing membranes to ensure the sheathing below is adequate and in good condition. 1" Poly ISO underlayment will be installed prior to the new roofing membrane. MuleHide also makes accesories such as pipe colors and drip edge already adhered to the metal. Click hereto learn more about MuleHide Flat Roofing Products. 

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Roofing Contractor Services - Royal Sovereign Roofing Shingles


All Herndon roofers will have different methods of protecting your landscaping. This should be discussed prior to hiring a roofer. there should be some language regarding clean up and landscape protection in your roofing proposal. Our roofers install tarps over shrubs prior to removing the existing roofing materials. Be sure to make your roofing contractor aware of any high end plantings so additional precautions can be taken in those locations. It's also important that your roofer uses caution around windows and siding. Roofing tar can be difficult to clean from these surfaces. The driveway should also be protected. A magnet will be used by the roofer to pick up roofing debirs and stray nails from the yard. 


We proudly serve the following cities in Maryland & Virginia and surrounding areas.


WeatherWatch leak barrier is an adhesive roofing underlayment. It is installed at all eaves and valleys. It is important that roofers install this correctly. The severe thunderstorms in Herndon bring driving rains that can blow moisture below the shingles. This prevents the water from contacting the roof sheathing. Ice damming is the primary reason roofers install leak barriers. Every year in Herndon, VA several snowstorms occur. The freeze/thaw process can cause water to be blocked from the gutters below the roofing surface. It can soak the edges of the roof sheathing causing damage over time. The leak barrier seals to the drip edge around the perimeter of the roof protecting the roof sheathing from moisture. No Herndon roofing project is complete without a properly installed leak barrier.  Ask your roofer how they plan to install a leak barrier so you can be confident your roof is protected. 

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One of the most common issues with roofers in Herndon, VA is they attempt to reuse existing flashing. This is common on chimneys and roof to wall connections. Existing flashing may have damage that can't be seen, so it is important for every roofer to replace all flashing during a new roof installation. Many roofers in Herndon, VA don't install flashing correctly when attaching to masonry. The flashing must be cut into the mortar and sealed to prevent the new roof from leaking. We commonly find roofers install the new flashing without bending it into the mortar and then caulking. Over time this method will fail leaving the Herndon homeowner having to repair their new roofing. Be sure to ask your roofer how they plan to address the flashing on your new roofing install. ​

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Your Herndon Roofing Estimate will include: 
  • Demolition and hauling of existing roof shingles.
  • Inspection of roof sheathing during installation
  • Feltbuster roofing underlayment
  • WeatherWatch Leak Barrier @ eaves/valleys
  • Snow Country Ridge Vent
  • Lifetime Pipe Collars
  • GAF roofing shingles
  • Drip edge around perimeter of roof
  • New chimney and step flashing where required

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EagleView Technology allows us to provide accurate roofing measurements for any roof in Herndon, VA. These reports are created through a combination of satellites and proprietary technology. EagleView roofing reports are becoming the new standard in roofing measurements. They are often more accurate than field measurements. The days of meeting a roofer onsite and waiting an hour for them to capture your roofing dimensions are over. You can now receive an accurate roofing estimate right to your inbox. As a Herndon roofer, we pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate online roofing estimates. 

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These 3 tab roofing shingles are the most economical option for roofing replacement in Herndon,VA. This roofing product comes with a 25 year labor & material warranty when installed by a Certified Roofing Contractor. This product is popular for Herndon homeowners selling their home and rental properties. To learn more about GAF's Royal Sovereign Roofing Shingles Click Here. 

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Almost 50% of roof replacements in Herndon, VA are due to storm damage. The 3 most common reasons your roof may have storm damage are wind, hail, and damage from debris. If your roofing was damaged by a storm, contact your insurance company to submit a claim. Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. will help throughout the process to ensure you are provided a fair estimate from the insurance company. 

  • Wind - The most common sign of roofing wind damage is broken or missing shingles. If you find shingles in your yard it is mostly likely caused by strong winds. 
  • Hail - Hail causes dents and granular loss to your shingles. If you're aware of a hail storm in your area, you likely have damage and should contact your insurance company. Your roofer can also check to see if there have been hail storms you are not aware of. 
  • ​Debirs - Branches or other items blown onto your roof during a storm can also cause damage. These damages are covered by your insurance. 


This roofing page features a collection of Designer Roofing Shingles by GAF. These premium roofing shingles offer a unique appearance popular in Herndon, VA. This page features roofing options such as Slateline, Woodland, and Camelot II. These roofing products come with a 50 year labor & material warranty when installed by a Certified Roofing Contractor. Several neighborhoods in Fairfax,VA require Designer Shingles. To learn more about GAF's Premium Roofing Shingles Click Here.


Timberline by GAF is Herndon, VA's #1 selling roofing shingle. It provides great value and performance. This roofing product comes with a 50 labor & material warranty when installed by a Certified Roofing Contractor. To learn more about GAF's Timberline Roofing Series Click Here.

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