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Outstanding communication and thorough discussion of issues regarding our house. The new Hardie siding makes the house look new. The project was on time and on budget.

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This photo shows a close up of the Bethesda home. The smooth siding comes with a modern appeal. This exterior is built to last a lifetime! Be sure to hire an Elite Preferred Siding Contactor when having Hardie products installed. Many siding contractors aren't experienced with this product line. Improper installation will void the 30 Year Hardie Warranty.   

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This photo shows closer view of the roofing installed on the Bethesda home. Snow Country ridge vent was installed at the peak of the roof. GAF Lifetime Pipe Collars were used on all roof penetrations.  Timberlineroofing by GAF is a very popular product. It is important to hire a Certified Roofing Contractor if you want a complete manufacturer warranty. 

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This is a closer view of the smooth Hardiesiding. The replacement windows have a slim 1" trim coil frame that connects to the siding. The Coal Grey RainPro Gutters are a close match to the siding color. 

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This view shows the front of the Bethesda, MD home. In addition to the Hardie siding project, we also completed a roof replacement. The Timberline roofing has a 50 year labor/material warranty when installed by a Certified Roofing Contractor. The new replacement windows significantly improved the energy efficiency of this home. The cedar accent at the front entry and new house numbers were the finishing touch.

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Here you see an image from the rear of the home. The rear window configuration was changed during the remodel. Quality replacement windows are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

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Location: Bethesda, MD 20817

House Type: Modern Ranch


Siding Product:Hardieplank Lap Siding

Siding Color: Iron Gray

Siding Texture: Smooth

Siding Exposure: 7"

Trim Color: Iron Gray (painted)

Roofing Product: GAF Timberline
Roofing Color: Charcoal

Window Product: Vinyl Windows

Window Color: Bronze

​Gutters: RainPro

Gutter Color: Coal Grey

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This photo shows closer view of the roofline. The mitered corner component was chosen instead of a standard corner board. This adds a modern touch to the home. The Cedar soffits offer a nice contrast to the siding and trim color. Coal Grey RainPro gutters blend well with Iron Gray siding. RainPro gutter come with a durable finish. 

This image shows a closer look at the front entry details. The Cedar accent around the front door improves the overall appearance. The Charcoal roofing color blends well with the siding and gutters. The mitered corner component adds a modern touch. 

This is angled view of the front shows the different dimension of the house. You can also see a close view of the Iron Gray Hardie Siding.  The Bronze window color compliments the siding color. The smooth texture is very popular in Bethesda, MD


This home in Bethesda, MD originally had horizontal wood siding. The homeowner purchased the home with a vision! 

The exisitng siding was warping and rotting in many areas. The roof was leaking and severely stained. All of the windows had aluminum frames. This house was experiencing significant energy loss! The owner researched many different exterior products. Hardie siding was the best option to preserve the wood look on the walls. Timberlineroofing was chosen for the new roof. Energy efficient replacement windows and sliding doors were installed with a Bronze exterior color. Due to the existing damage on the exterior, a significant amount of sheathing was replaced. Hardie house wrap was installed to create a thermal barrier. Hardieplank Iron Gray siding was installed with a mitered corner component. Elegant cedar soffits were installed below the overhangs. A cedar accent was installed around the front entry. This customer now has a beautiful, low maintenance exterior. Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. is an Elite Preferred Siding Contractor for James Hardie Products and Certified Roofing Contractorfor GAF