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This photo show a closer look at the rear door trim. This door has a 4" picture frame with 3.25" crown header. These small details will make any house stand out in the neighorhood. Not all Hardie siding contractors are capable of correctly installing this much detail. Be sure to hire Hardie siding contactors directly from their website. Alexandria has a lot of historic homes ready for a siding upgrade. Will you be next?

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This is a closer view of the rear of the house. Two additional windows were added to allow light into the dining room. The best time to add or replace existing windows is at the same time as the siding. This allows for housewrap to wrap around the window framing which provides the best possible seal.  The trim was replaced with Hardie trim in Arctic White. A 4" picture frame w/ a backband and historic sill was installed around the windows.

Hardie Siding Contractors Gaithersburg, MD
Hardie Siding Contractors Alexandria, VA
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Location: Alexandria, VA

House Type: Traditional 


Siding Product:  Hardieplank Lap Siding

Siding Color: Heathered Moss

Siding Texture: Smooth

Siding Exposure: 7"

Accent Siding Product: ​HardieShingle  Siding​
Siding Color:
 Heathered Moss
Siding Texture: 
Siding Exposure: 

Trim Color: Arctic White

Window Detail: 4" Picture Frame 

Window Product: Fiberglass Windows
Roofing Product: Timberline HD

Roofing Color: Weathered Wood

Gutter Product: RainPro

Gutter Color: White


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This view shows the front dormer of the Alexandria, VA home. The Heathered Moss Hardie siding compliment the Weathered Wood roofing color wall. Fiberglass replacement windows were installed to replace the existing dormer windows. Proper ventilation was added to give this owner a 50 year roofing warranty. The orginal roof line trim details were preserved to maintain the authentic historic appeal of the house. 

Here you see an image below the overhang of the roof. The original fascia and soffits were preserved to maintain the historic look of the home. Keeping some original features is a great way to keep the archiectural integrity of historic houses. Be sure to ask your siding contractor for color samples prior to placing an order. Place them on different sides of your home to see how the color appears on your property.

This photo shows a closer view of the Heathered Moss Hardie lap siding. Be sure to hire an Elite Preferred Siding Contactor when having Hardie products installed. This is extremely important with custom details. Many siding contractors aren't experienced with this product line. Improper installation will void the 30 Year Hardie Warranty.   


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This image shows a view from the rear of the house. The new fiberglass windows really opened up the dining room to allow more light. This side of the house receives sun and shade. Notice how the siding color looks slightly darker in the shade? The crown header on the door gives the rear additional architectural appeal. 


This home in Alexandria, VA had asbestos siding on the exterior. The owner was ready for an upgrade! 

​This house was built in 1920. The original wood siding was starting to deteriorate. This is a common problem with wood siding. Wood siding absorbs moisture which will eventually decompose.  The original wood windows were single pane and were experiencing air infiltration issues. The owner knew it was time to replace the siding and windows. The existing roofing was asphalt which had signifiacnlty faded. They knew that new roofing would complete the tranformation of the home. The owner researched many different exterior products. Hardie siding was the best option to add curb appeal and create the appearance of real wood.  Hardie house wrap was installed to create a thermal barrier. Hardieplank cedarmill siding was installed. The color of this home is Arctic White. Hardie products are an excellent way to recreate the look of wood without the maintenance. Fiberglass replacement windows were installed on the entire house. This made a vast improvement to the energy efficiency. The customer took this opportunity to change the configuration of several windows add windows in new locations. This customer now has a beautiful, low maintenance exterior! Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. is an Elite Preferred Siding Contractor for James Hardie Products.

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Here is a closer view of the electrical box on the side of the house. Sherwin Williams sells color matching paints to Hardie's siding colors. Painting items such as electric boxes, gas meters, etc. will compliment your new Hardie siding and window trim. With proper planning by your Hardie Siding Contractor, your home should look brand new. Hardie siding is the most aesthetically pleasing product on the market.

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Here is a closer look at the Hardie Shingle Siding on the 2nd floor. This style of siding is an excellent way to add architectural appeal to any house. It is generally used as an accent product. On this home, it was used as an accent on the 2nd floor. You will also see it used to accent gables as well. Consult your siding contractor to see if this product is right for you. Many homes in Alexandria have a similar layout. 

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This photo shows closer view of the 8" band trim at the bottom of the siding. There is a small piece of trim above the band called drip cap. This detail adds an appealing contract in color between the siding and trim.  Hardie requires a 1/4" clearance between the siding and flashing. This detail is generally a cosmetic upgrade, but can also be used to keep the siding 6" above grade per Hardie's install instructions. Installing Hardie trim in conjunction with their siding eliminates warranty issues with other products. 

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Review by Mary L.

Alexandria, VA 22301


Custom Concepts did a superb job on our home. The crews were very hard working and did excellent work. The foreman, Wilmer, and the carpenters, Pablo and Mario, were especially talented and professional. The company is very well run, and I would recommend it to most anyone.

This is a view of the left side of the house. The Hardie siding has an elegant appearance.  The shingle style siding on the 2nd floor gives this home a custom look. Hardiesiding has many styles and colors to choose from. Fiber cement siding has become a popular choice in Alexandria, VA. The contrast of the Heathered Moss siding color and Arctic White trim completes the look. An 8" band trim with "z" flashing was installed to separate the different siding styles. 


This image shows the the connection between the brick chimney and the Hardie siding. Hardie requires separation between the fiber cement siding and masonry surfactes. We create a 1" trim piece with color matched flashing to achieve this. The trim coil is bent at 90 degrees to create the appearance of a small piece of trim. This piece should match the color of the siding for the most appealing finish. 

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