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Location: Herndon, VA

House Type: Traditional


Siding Product:Hardieplank Lap Siding

Siding Color: Khaki Brown

Siding Texture: Cedarmill

Siding Exposure: 7"

Trim Color: Arctic White

Front Window Detail: 4" Picture Frame w/ Crown Header

Gutter Product: RainPro

Gutter Color: White

Hardieplank Siding Contractor Herndon Northern VA

This photo shows a closer view of the Khaki Brown Hardie lap siding. An inside corner was made from metal trim coil at the connection to the brick fireplace. Be sure to hire an Elite Preferred Siding Contactor when having Hardie products installed. This is extremely important with custom details.

Many siding contractors aren't experienced with this product line. Improper installation will void the 30 Year Hardie Warranty.   

This image shows a view from the rear left side of the house. The Arctic White trim creates an appealing contrast to the Khaki Brown Hardie Siding. This side of the house is in the sun and shade. Notice how the siding color looks slightly darker in the shade?

This image shows a light fixture that was replaced. Be sure to provide your siding contractor with new light fixtures. The labor should already be included as part of the mounting block installation.

Hardie Siding Contractor Herndon Northern VA
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This is angled view of the rear right side of the house shows the updates that were done. Along with the siding, the roofline trim, corner boards, and window trim was replaced. Fiber cementsiding has become a popular choice in Herndon, VA

Hardie Window Contractors Herndon Northern VA
Hardie Siding Contractors Herndon Northern VA
Hardie Plank Siding Contractors Herndon Northern VA

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Herndon, VA


"Outstanding communication and thorough discussion of issues regarding our house. The new Hardie shingles and panel siding makes the house look new. The project was on time and on budget."

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This view shows the front corner of the Herndon, VA home. There were large panels above the garage doors that were replaced with lap siding. The 4" picture frame trim around the windows creates a nice contrast in color. This side of the house doesn't receive sunlight during most of the day. Siding colors will appear lighter when the sun shines. The Khaki Brown siding color has become a very popular choice.

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Hardie Siding Contractor Herndon Northern VA
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Hardie Siding Khaki Brown | Siding Contractor Herndon, VA
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Here you see an image from the front of the garage. The frieze/crown detail adds architectural appeal to the front. Notice how the Khaki Brown siding color contrasts with the white trim? Be sure to ask your siding contractor for color samples prior to placing an order. Place them on different sides of your home to see how the color appears on your property.

Here you can see a closer view of a dryer vent that was replaced on the rear. We always replace standard size dryer vent during the siding replacement.

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Here is a closer look at our inside corner detail. This detail blends both walls together. Color match trim coil is custom shaped to create the corner. Consult your siding contractor to see if this detail is right for you.


This home in Herndon, VA had aluminum siding on the exterior. The homeowner was ready for an upgrade! 

​This house was built in 1993. The original aluminum siding was damaged by hail and fading. The owner knew it was time to either paint or replace the siding. After pricing both options, they decided it was time for a change. The owner researched many different exterior products. Hardie siding was the best option to add curb appeal.  Hardie house wrap was installed to create a thermal barrier. Hardieplank cedarmill siding was installed. The color of this home is Khaki Brown. Hardie products are an excellent way to create the look of wood without the maintenance. This customer now has a beautiful, low maintenance exterior. Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. is an Elite Preferred Siding Contractor for James Hardie Products.

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Here you see closer view of the trim installed around the garage doors. The crown header detail was added to match the rest of the front windows and doors. Using Hardie trim in conjunction with the siding, creates a consistent look on the entire house. 

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This is a closer view of the gable window above the garage. The trim was replaced with Hardie trim in Arctic White. A crown molding header was added above to add depth to the exterior.  Fireze and crown were added below the roof overhang as well. 

This photo shows a view of the siding installed above the front porch. Crown molding headers were installed above the windows. Hardie frieze/crown was installed below the roof overhangs on the front. Not all siding contractors are capable of correctly installing this much detail. Be sure to hire Hardiesiding contactors directly from their website.


This photo shows closer view of the front porch. A crown header was installed above the window. This detail adds depth to the house without a huge price increase. These small details can make any house stand out in the neighborhood!

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