This photo shows closer view of the craftsman header garage door trim on the side. This detail adds depth to the house without a huge price increase. These small details can make any house stand out in the neighborhood! Installing Hardie trim in conjunction with their siding eliminates warranty issues with other products. 

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This image shows a view from the rear of the house. The Arctic White siding creates an appealing contrast to the Zuri decking. This side of the house receives sun and shade. Notice how the siding color looks slightly darker in the shade? The new deck and porch added an excellent place to entertain.

Replacement Windows and Siding Contractors Gaithersburg, MD
Siding Contractors Gaithersburg, MD

Here is a closer look at a window that was added. The fiberglass exterior on the window will not rot or require maintenance. This is a great product option combined with Hardie sidingConsult your siding contractor to see if this product is right for you.

 ​sIDING rEPLACEMENT | Replacement Windows Gaithersburg, md

This photo shows a view of the siding installed on the left side. The fiberglass replacement windows all have matching SDL grids. Not all siding contractors are capable of correctly installing this much detail. Be sure to hire Hardie  siding contactors directly from their website.



Location: Gaithersburg, MD

House Type: Traditional


Siding Product:  Hardieplank Lap Siding

Siding Color: Arctic White

Siding Texture: Cedarmill

Siding Exposure: 7"

Trim Color: Arctic White

Window Detail: 4" Picture Frame w/ Craftsman Header

Window Product: Fiberglass Windows
Door Product: Provia Heritage Series

Gutter Product: RainPro

Gutter Color: White

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Hardie Siding & Window Replacement
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Gaithersburg, MD 20878


From start to finish, Custom Concepts has proved to be far superior to any other contractor we have worked with. Mike and Danny immediately knew exactly what we wanted and worked with us to create a unique design for our home. They knew everything about the materials we wanted to use and how to properly install them. They provided a professionally printed and detailed proposal. Their employees were polite, courteous and cleaned up after themselves. They delivered on EVERYTHING they said they would!

Here you see an image from the front of the home. The fiberglass replacement windows w/ SDL grids add definition. Be sure to ask your siding contractor for color samples prior to placing an order. Place them on different sides of your home to see how the color appears on your property.

Here is a closer view of the siding and window trim that was installed on the front of the house. The new replacement windows compliment the siding. Notice the detail in the siding texture? Hardie siding is the most aesthetically pleasing product on the market.

Hardieplank Siding Contractor Gaithersburg, MD

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Here you see closer view of the deck and porch. Zuri decking was used for the deck floor. Wolf Vinyl Rail system was installed for the railings. Hardie trim was installed on the interior and exterior of the porch walls.  Using Hardie trim in conjunction with the siding, creates a consistent look on the entire house. 

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This photo shows a closer view of the Arctic White Hardie lap siding. Be sure to hire an Elite Preferred Siding Contactor when having Hardie products installed. This is extremely important with custom details.

Many siding contractors aren't experienced with this product line. Improper installation will void the 30 Year Hardie Warranty.   

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This home in Gaithersburg, MD had Masonite siding on the exterior. The damage was beyond repair! 

​This house was built in 1984. The original Masonite siding was starting to deteriorating. This is a common problem with Masonite. It is a fiber board that absorbs moisture which will eventually decompose.  The original wood windows were single pane and were experiencing air infiltration issues. The owner knew it was time to replace the siding and windows. The owner researched many different exterior products. Hardie siding was the best option to add curb appeal and create the appearance of real wood.  Hardie house wrap was installed to create a thermal barrier. Hardieplank cedarmill siding was installed. The color of this home is Arctic White. Hardie products are an excellent way to recreate the look of wood without the maintenance. Fiberglass replacement windows were installed in the entire house. This made a vast improvement to the energy efficiency of the house. The customer took this opportunity to change the configuration of several windows as well as add windows in new locations. A Provia Heritage Series entry system was installed to replaced the existing front door. New Zuri decking was installed on the front porch floor. The owners wanted a comfortable outdoor living space added to access the pool in the back yard. A deck and screen room were built to bring their vision to life! This customer now has a beautiful, low maintenance exterior. Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. is an Elite Preferred Siding Contractor for James Hardie Products.



Hardie Siding Contractors Gaithersburg, MD

This image shows the upper detail of the columns in the screen porch. Rams crown molding was installed at the top. OG base cap is approximately 16" below the crown. This is one of our standard column details. The same detail was installed on the front porch columns.

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This view shows the front porch of the Gaithersburg, MD home. The siding is complimented by the column and window trim. The decking was replaced with Zuri pvc 5/4x6. New light fixtures were installed next to the front door. The railing was removed to create an open feel. 

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This is a closer view of the front gable. Before the siding was replaced, the gable window was enlarged to be more proportionate. The trim was replaced with Hardie trim in Arctic White. A 4" picture frame w/ craftsman style header was installed around the windows.

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Hardie Siding Arctic White | Fiberglass Replacement Windows | Siding Contractor Gaithersburg, MD
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Provia Heritage French Entry Door in Full Wood Frame
72" x 80" Nominal Size
Unit Size: 74 1/8" x 81 5/8"
Right Hand Inswing - Left Door Active (ISLO)
French Doors
1 Panel 440 Style Heritage Smooth Fiberglass Door
ComforTech DLA
Cottage (8-Lite) SDL Grid - 1V x 3H
All Hardware in Aged Bronze Finish
Addison Grip Entrance Handle Outside
Addison Thumbturn Deadbolt - Both Doors
Bronze Sahara Threshold (8 3/16" Depth)

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This is an angled view of the right side of the house. The Hardie siding has an elegant appearance. The craftsman style header above the garage doors adds depth to the exterior. Hardiesiding has many styles and colors to choose from.  Fiber cement  siding has become a popular choice in Gaithersburg, MD

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