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The multiple layers of the Sienna Shingle

The rich appearance and clean lines to this roofing shingle add distinction to any home. Artisan-crafted shapes and a dimensional look provide a eloquent beauty unmatched by other manufactures.

  • Dura Grip Adhesive...Locks the shingles in place on the roof, gripping tight even in strong gale-force winds SpecSelect
  • Grading System (Asphalt)...Use of finest-quality asphalt decreases weathering in harsh conditions 
  • Micro Weave Core...Offers a superior-strength foundation that fights cracking and splitting 
  • FiberTech Components (Core)...Incorporates fibers that are non-combustible, providing a UL Class A ​fire rating
  • Diamond Cut Granules...Multi-faceted design and light-reflective structure add dimension and depth to the shingle 

  • UV Blocker (Granules)...Protects against destructive sunlight, which improves the stability and extends the life of the shingle

  • Color Lock Ceramic Firing (Granules)...Preserves the true color of the shingle longer

Sienna Aged Oak

Sienna Chateau Gray

Sienna Harbor Mist

Sienna Aged Oak

Sienna Color Options

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