James HardiplankSiding | Light Mist

Arctic White Trim | Frederick, MD

James Hardie Lap Siding | Navajo Beige

Autumn Tan Trim | Rockville, MD

James Hardie Stucco Panel Siding | Sail Cloth

Khaki Brown Trim | Potomac, Maryland

JamesHardie LapSiding | Sail ClothSiding Arctic White Trim | Potomac, Maryland

James Hardie Lap Siding | Navajo Beige

Arctic White Trim | Potomac, MD

James Hardie Lap Siding  | Cobble Stone

Arctic White Trim | Bethesda, Maryland 

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James Hardie Lap Siding | Board & Batten |  Shingle Siding | Sail Cloth |  Frederick, Maryland

James Hardie Smooth Lap Siding | Mountain Sage | Navajo Beige Trim | Frederick, Maryland

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James Hardie Sierra 8 Siding
Chestnut Brown | Gaithersburg, MD

James Hardie Lap Siding | Frederick Maryland | Heathered Moss Siding and Navajo Beige Trim

The T1-11 wood siding on the home inFrederick, Maryland was beginning to have color fading problem as well as buckling and rotting in some places. To solve this problem we installed Hardieplank lap siding which requires minor maintenance and the Heathered Moss color eliminated the fading problem. Although it was a problem to ventilate the roof without creating an overhang, using a GAF cobra vent product with vented fascia made it a simple solution. All the trim on this home was completed in Navajo beige including the picture frame trim around the windows and the rams crown detailing. With the new James Hardie products on their home the Glang family’s concerns of before were eliminated and the home now looks beautiful.

James Hardie Lap Siding | Heathered Moss | Navajo Beige Trim | Frederick, Maryland

James Hardie Lap Siding | Frederick Maryland | Monterey Taupe Siding and Cobblestone Trim
This traditional home in Frederick, MD, had existing aluminum siding with a variety of common issues, including, dents, warping, and fading. This home also had a failing roof with staining. Custom Concepts installed James Hardie Monterey Taupe siding with Cobble Stone Trim. The new siding guarantees that the homeowners will no longer have to worry or deal with any more issues. Regarding the roof, a Certainteed Land Mark Architectural Shingle roof was installed. The front door was also replaced with a low maintenance ThermaTru Classic Craft door. With a combination of the new roof, siding and front door, not only did these homeowners get a brand new home with a modern look, but they also saved on their home energy bills.

James Hardie Lap Siding | Monterey Taupe | Cobble Stone Trim | Frederick, Maryland

James HardieHardiplankSiding | Light Mist 

 Arctic White Trim | Silver Spring, MD

Cedar Shake & Shingles Siding | Iron Gray Trim| Germantown, Maryland

James Hardie Beaded Lap Siding | Navajo Beige  Arctic White Trim | Germantown, Maryland

JamesHardie Lap Siding | Boothbay Blue  

​Arctic White Trim | Bethesda, MD

Cedar Shake & Shingle Siding | Iron Gray Trim | Germantown Maryland

This home in Germantown, MD received a whole new look. It went from failing vinyl siding with cracks, fading and staining, to brand new cedar wood shingles. As siding contractors, we use all certi-label shake and shingle brands. Wood on the side of the home can look beautiful; with the right maintenance real wood can add a traditional look to the home. When the cedar shingles were installed, the home gained dimension and is now more architecturally appealing. James Hardie trim was installed around the house as well. The trim is Iron Grey and when paired with the lighter color wood, it creates even more of an architectural appeal.

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James Hardie Lap Siding  | Cobble Stone

Siding & Trim | Frederick, Maryland 

James Hardie Lap/Shingle Siding | Boothbay Blue Arctic WhteTrim | Gaithersburg, MD

James Hardie Lap Siding | Khaki Brown 

 Arctic White Trim | Germantown, MD 

James Hardie Lap Siding | Woodland Cream Siding | Arctic White Trim | Rockville, MD

James Hardie Lap Siding | Board & Batten 

Boothbay Blue | Chevy Chase, MD

James Hardie Sierra 8 Siding

 Khaki Brown  | Gaithersburg, MD 

James Hardie Cedarmill Lap Siding | Arctic White | Arctic White Trim | Woodbine, MD

This home in Woodbine, MD had existing wood siding that had an apparent need for an upgrade. The wooden boards were chipping, lifting at the corners, and the paint was fading due to normal weathering. Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. gave this home a grand renewal inside and out. We replaced the existing wooden siding with James Hardie Cedarmill Finish Lap Siding in Arctic White. Upgrading to fiber cement siding not only helps protect your home, but also can provide a better return of investment later on down the road. We used an Arctic White Smooth panel for the soffit, fascia, and rake. The bright white siding brought a beautiful elegance to the homes appearance. As experienced roofers, we replaced the current roof with a Certainteed Roofers Select, with Landmark Architectural Shingle in Charcoal Black. Custom Concepts also replaced three of the exterior windows and two of the entry doors to the front and back entry ways. We redesigned their recreation room in the basement and designed and built a new office as well. We designed and built a new garage. James Hardie Lap Siding in Arctic White with Arctic White trim was used to finish the garage construction. 

James Hardie Cedarmill Lap Siding | Arctic White | Arctic White Trim | Woodbine, Maryland

James Hardie Lap Siding | Khaki Brown 

 Arctic White Trim | Frederick, MD 

James Hardie Lap Siding | Frederick Maryland | Mountain Sage Siding and Navajo Beige Trim

This quaint traditional rancher made a big step in upgrading the home’s resale value. The original vinyl siding on this home had many missing pieces and on some parts of the home, there was visible rotting. Also, the roof was not able to withstand the harsh winds that this area of Maryland is prone to any longer. Custom Concepts Construction Inc. did a full exterior remodel of the home using 7 inch exposure Hardie Plank with a Wood Grain texture in Mountain Sage. We used an Arctic White trim around the edges of the home. The roof was also replaced with a GAF Timberline HD series. With the replacements of the roof, including the gable and vent, the ventilation of the home was drastically improved.