This home in Gaithersburg, MD hired Custom Concepts Construction Inc as their roofers to replace their existing roof and had the trim, soffit, fascia, and 5 windows replaced. When replacing the roof we discovered major decay and rotting of the front sheathing around the windows, which had to be replaced. The unknown rotting and decaying panels caused a big insulation problem along with unwanted pests in the attic. The roof that was constructed is a Weather Stopper System by GAF. Royal Sovereign shingles was the homeowner's choice in an Autumn Brown color. The windows were replaced and new trim around the windows added an extra clean and much more appealing look to the home. 

Originally this home in Potomac, MD was topped with a 12 year old three tab shingle roof.  This roof leaked and caused staining on the ceiling in the interior of the home. We were hired as the roofing contractor to replace the current roof with a GAF Royal Sovereign multi-layer shingle.

This beautiful home in Chevy Chase, MD was ready for a roof replacement after 30 years. The home's gambrel style roof suffered from leaks and missing shingles which effected the insulation of the home.

The Royal Sovereign Shingle comes in many various colors to match your existing roof. The durability of this shingles is very impressive, especially made for wind and ice/snow tolerance.

Aluminum Trim was added to the windows completing the new, fresh look of the home's transformation. The Beige color trim contrasts well with the deep hues of the roof giving an ultra-dimensional look to the home.

Royal Sovereign is one of GAF's most popular Three Tab Shingle selections. They are made with an advanced color sequencing technology, creating a rich and vivid design, as you can see the deepness in color here.

We installed an aluminum drip edge around the perimeter along with the installation of the ridge vent at all ridge locations. As a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor, we know the importance of proper roof installation.

Custom Concepts cut existing trim along roof line and replaced it with PVC trim and flashing at top and bottom of the sun room. A RainPro MicroGuard Leaf Shedding System was installed as well making the project complete with all roofing and gutter needs met.

GAF Certified Roofers | Timberline HD | Patriot Red | Silver Spring, Maryland

Here you can see the intricate detail to the Timberline Harvest shingle around the window and trim. The deep hues of the Brandywine Dusk color really make this home stand out.

GAF Certified Roofers | Timberline American Harvest | Brandywine Dusk | Chevy Chase, Maryland

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With a 53% thicker shingle, and high definition color, this roof now has an ultra-dimensional look and a lifetime transferable warranty offered through GAF.

This home in Silver Spring, MD had the roof replaced on their open gable style roof. GAF Timberline HD in Patriot Red was installed. Their roof consists of  an ice and water shield per county code and we also installed 15lb felt roofing underlayment. The Pariot Red color blends well with the deep red brick chimney and pastel color siding color of their home.

On the anterior of the home the roof was replaced over the dormers and rake detail of the home. The deep Charcoal color with Arctic White siding produced an enchanting appeal.

GAF Certified Roofers | Timberline American Harvest | Charcoal | Potomac, Maryland

GAF Roofing System was installed with Timberline Harvest. Timberline Series roofing shingle is the most popular choice. There are 3 choices to choose from American Harvest, Ultra HD, and HD to help satisfy the needs of style and durability.

When hired as their roof contractor, we installed GAF Timberline American Harvest in Brandywine Dusk. The house also had the gutters replaced with light grey gutters creating a high dimensional appearance. 

You can really see the detail of the ridge cap shingles over the hexagonal gazebo style roof in the rear of the home. The many layers and architectural design of the roof presents strength with a deep Charcoal color.

GAF Certified Roofers | Royal Soverign | Autumn Brown | Gaithersburg, Maryland