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This home in Rockville, MD was a very high maintenance home. With the existing original vinyl siding, yearly painting and replacement of missing pieces was not ideal to the home owner. As a solution, we were hired as the siding contractors to reside the back home and front gable using James Hardie 7 inch exposure lap siding with a smooth finish and a beaded edge in Navajo Beige. To add an architectural curb appeal, Autumn Tan trim was installed. The Exterior door to the back of the home was also replaced with an Anderson French wood 400 series French door. The siding on the garage had also been replaced in Navajo Beige and Autumn Tan Trim. As a result, this home is not only maintenance free, but also more appealing! Need a siding contractor? Click Below!


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Vinyl Siding VS Fiber Cement Siding

The color scheme of the light wood deck with lattice trim needed a brighter color to bring out dimension in the deck design. The rear of the home shows the Navajo Beige Hardie Lap siding paired with the Autumn Tan trim.  Be sure to hire a siding contractor that belongs to the James Hardie Contractor Alliance. 

The residing consists of custom smooth shadowbox panel in Navajo Beige above the garage door. A picture frame boarder was installed in Autumn Tan trim.

The landscaping of the home was superior and would only make sense to match the exterior of the home to its surroundings. The installation of the dark wood with Navajo Beige trim conjoined with the Navajo Beige trim of the home made this front view beautiful

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