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This home in Gaithersburg, MD previously had wood panel siding called T111. A common concern that comes with wood siding is animal and insect infestation. Most homes suffer from woodpecker damage or termites in an area such as this. The wood paneling started to crack around the edges and a few uplifts were discovered around the roof and corners. Woodpeckers had caused a significant amount of damage. After researching siding products, the home owner decided on James Hardie fiber cement siding. They wanted to keep the look of their wood siding without the risk of future wood pecker damage. Custom Concepts Construction Inc. was hired as the siding contractor to remodel the home's exterior with James Hardie Khaki Brown Sierra 8 Siding and Country Lane Red trim. House wrap was installed beneath the siding to create a thermal envelope. The windows and gutters were also replaced on this Gaithersburg home. Hiring the right siding contractor to install James Hardie siding is extremely important. Many vinyl siding companies don't install the product correctly which leads to warranty issues for the home owner. The best way to ensure the success of your Hardie siding project is to hire a contractor from the James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program. Custom Concepts Construction, Inc. is an Elite Preferred Siding Contractor through this program. 

James Hardie Sierra 8 siding is a popular choice for contemporary style homes. Many contemporary homes have either T111 or board & batten siding when they are built. This entire neighborhood in Gaithersburg, MD was built with contemporary designs. 

James Hardie SIDING | Khaki Brown | GAITHERSBURG, MD

James Hardie Khaki Brown siding paired with the Countrylane Red gives this home a clean, sleek look. The doors and windows in the front of the home were both trimmed with Countrylane Red. 
The gutters were also replaced and painted with James Hardie Countrylane Red to match the trim around the home. The garage door was also painted to match the Khaki Brown Siding. Sherwin WIlliams will match paint colors to any of the James Hardie siding color choices. 
Here is the view of the back of the home in Gaithersburg. You can see the window and door trim match the Khaki Brown Siding for a very smooth and sleek appearance.  Not only is this home more energy efficient, but James Hardie fiber cement siding will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance needed. The owners will no longer be woken up by wood peckers outside their window.